Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Nathan: Nine Months Old

Nine months old, say it isn't so, but it is. At his 9 month doctor update his stats were: 18 pounds and 28 inches tall (to compare with Shelby at 9 months old, she was 19.5 pounds and 27.5 inches). Slightly taller and slightly thinner.

I think he will start plumping up here though, boy loves table food. I can't feed him baby solids anymore, because we both end up wearing more than what goes in his mouth. So far he's tried pizza, toast, mac and cheese, bananas, orange slices, pita bread, crackers and cheese. I think there is some cake in there too.

Nathan had another ear infection this month (3rd in 4 months) with that came his 2 new top teeth, making 4 total teeth. He loves showing them off too, with good reason! His smile really does light up your day. Shows it when you pick him up from daycare or when you get home from work, pretty much the best thing ever!

He is pulling up on everything, he can even stand solo for a couple seconds. I think at his 10 month update I will be sharing the news of a walking baby, but we shall see. His favorite toy is a ball, small bouncy balls, beach balls, kick balls, pink balls, red balls with bumps, tight dyed balls, he doesn't care, he will play with them for hours! And he can even say "A baall" while playing with them! That's his 3rd word, first was "Dada" second was "Mama" and 3rd is "Baall". He just recently starting saying "uh oh" and we all know that's pretty cute when they learn that, specially when they use it correctly...threw my toy on the floor "uhh ohh".

Sleep is still hit or miss. Of course when he is sick that makes for long nights. But for the most part he does well. Sleeping for roughly 8 hour stretch before waking up for a diaper change and small bottle, quickly going back to sleep for another 3 hours.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Nathan: Eight Months Old

Biggest thing at 8 months old is CRAWLING! Yes, people, we have mobility! He has only been working at it for the past 3 weeks! He was so close to crawling more than 1 step a day before turning 8 months, then 8 months and 1 day he got it down. He is pretty fast when he wants to be too!

No new teeth yet, but he is drooling like no tomorrow. I can't wash bibs fast enough! For the most part he is happy, but he does he get cranky some with the teething. He favorite thing to num on is cardboard books, or an empty water bottle.

He is also pulling up on everything, mainly the sofa and his crib (as seen above)! We think he is desperate to walk, but hey, let's take these baby milestones one step at a time! I am happy he is finally crawling, but time is really flying by now and I want to soak in his tiny little self before I blink and he is a full grown toddler/teen.

Nathan's personality is really shining through lately. He LOVES watching people. He is most happy in a group setting. He has no problem when other's hold him. For the most part he is an easy going baby, as long as you are in the same room with him! Don't try leaving him in a room by himself, he will voice his opinion! Nathan and Shelby still adore each other. It makes my heart happy to see their bond and I hope it never changes!

Nathan still has no issues eating any solids we throw his way. I hope he will grow to love any food we give him and not be picky (but I know most kids end up being picky eaters...cough, cough, shelby, cough cough).

His sleep pattern is hit or miss. Sleeping roughly 8 to 9 hour stretches at night. (knock on wood) Most nights have been easy lately, but sometimes he likes to throw you off your game and have a 2 or 3 am dance party for an hour. Napping is a whole other ball game, kid is a power napper and when I say that I mean, 20 or 30 minute nap is all he feels he needs. Only twice a day, so getting only an hour of nap time per day. I am not sure about the daycare ladies, but it is exhausting some days!

All in all, this past month was a good one, Managed to not be sick at all (seems like he had a stretch of illnesses the past few months). He is happy, crawling and very talkative! Can't wait to see what next month brings!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Nathan: Seven Months Old

This past month was by far the hardest month for little man, Nathan. He got very sick with Pneumonitis, an ear infection, and bronchitis all at once. Poor thing had a fever of 103 at times. It was a very scary time, he wouldn't drink or eat and he actually lost some weight. BUT, he pushed through and after 3 weeks of meds and bad sleep and breathing treatments he was finally on the mend.

Big news for 7 month old Nathan, he got his first 2 teeth this month! Drooling like no tomorrow and every.single.thing. goes into his month. We remember this stage with Shelby, runny nose and all. Nathan is also doing LOTS of talking this month. Of course, "DaDaDa" was his first noise, followed by "BaBa". He LOVES to scream, in a fun playful way. He is becoming more and more independent, but still doesn't like being left alone in a room, but he is getting better at playing solo on the floor.

Shelby still adores her little brother, smothers him daily, and he wouldn't have it any other way. He loves to watch her play and he giggles when she is being silly.

Nathan is eating 3 solid foods a day. We haven't found anything he doesn't like, and I am thankful for a baby who isn't picky! I can't even pick out his favor food this month, because he eats them all at the same speed, fast, and faster.

He is very close to crawling, he can get in the position, but ends up going backwards or he will give up all together and just roll to wherever he wants to go. It is bitter sweet, I want him to be able to be mobile, because I think he would be a lot happier, but I am also not ready for him to follow me from room to room! I busted him pulling up on his crib the other day...I told him to get down!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Nathan: Six Months Old

Here we are, Nathan's half birthday! I can't believe I am even saying that! 

Nathan's 6 month stats are:
weight: 15 lbs. 10 oz.  •  height: 25.74"

6 months has been both a great month and a draining month. Great because he is learning new things, right on schedule with his milestones and eating new food. But draining because he still isn't the best napper, and not the greatest sleeper either. {Although I wouldn't change anything in the world, waking up every 3 or 4 hours can really take a toll on you}.

But I think it is all about to pay off, the other day I could feel his first tooth breaking through, and the 2 nights after that were manageable sleep. We all had it easy when Shelby was getting teeth. Not so much with Nathan. He has head congestion, ends up with fevers over 100ยบ, runny/stuffy nose, cough . . . I am telling you, the kid has it bad! But hey, no one ever said teething was easy and fun!

Nathan has tried a handful of new foods, and he hasn't turned his head at any of them {yet}. His favorites are: Bananas, Sweet Potatoes, Pears. He has also tried: Prunes, Banana + Peaches, and Squash. I am excited to let him try avocado soon, which I will make myself! I am getting the hang of making my own baby food. Now, I am no super Mom, he does eat store bought purees too, because this Mom is still a full time working Mom who doesn't want to spend all weekend cutting, steaming and pureeing solids! {Go ahead and judge me now}

Nathan has become extremely vocal this month. Not just with yelling like in previous months. But actual babbling, still a loud babble, but he loves to hold "conversations" with you. AND, he loves to say the sound "Dada"! He also discovered his tongue this month, always sticking it out and doing raspberries more than normal! Boy is so silly.

He L.O.V.E.S. his sister! I can't say that enough. I hope their bond never changes. She adores him and is so gentle with him and gives him great attention! Nathan loves to watch Shelby and smiles and giggles at her when she is being silly, and that pretty much makes Shelby's day! {and Mommy and Daddy's day too!}

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