Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Shelby Says

Slacker McSlacker here, updating my lovely followers with a Shelby Says post! I hope everyone had an enjoyable Easter weekend! Shelby will be 3.5 years old next month and she just says the silliest things! I am so glad I started this series!

  1. While riding to Daycare:
    Shelby: "I saw a fast spider. I smacked it up and hit it up. Da spider kwilled me. Just like da spider book!"
    {No idea where this came from, Spider book must be from daycare!}
  2. While getting her breakfast ready, Shelby asked for milk in her dry cereal. I removed her spoon from the bowl and grabbed her cup of milk to pour into the cereal and she said
    Shelby: "Nooooo, not dat milk, dats my drinking milk!"
    {silly Mommy, what WERE you thinking!}
  3. While riding home from Daycare:
    Shelby: "I been talking all day. My mouth is like serious talk!"
    {no words!}
  4. While riding to Daycare:
    Shelby: "Wiggly arm man likes hot warm chocolate. He no like the snow. He like sun!"
    {I don't blame him!}
  5. Inside the house about to read some books:
    Shelby: "I need books. Oh these books are heavy!"
    Mommy: "Want me to carry them?"
    Shelby: "Yes, cus I'm just a little girl!"
    {yes you are my little angel!}
  6. Before bedtime:
    Shelby: "I've got the hiccups again."
    Mommy: "You do? That stinks."
    Shelby: PAUSE "No it doesn't." PAUSE "Only poop stinks."
    {you are right, poop does stink!}
  7. Walking into Daycare with Daddy:
    Shelby: "It's so windy."
    Daddy: "Yes it is, let's get inside!"
    Shelby: "We almost got wind away!"
    Daddy: "Blown away?"
    Shelby: "Wind away!"
    {we know what you mean sweetie!}

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Nathan: Five Months Old

Nathan is five months old, NATHAN IS FIVE MONTHS OLD! My goodness time is flying! Nathan's biggest milestone is sitting up! He started sitting up 2 days before turning 5 months old and has gotten better and better with it each day that goes by!

He has also started to eat some solids. I haven't moved him past bananas, but he loves them! I even managed to pop out some homemade banana purée that he enjoyed and  it made me happy that he loved it {and I can also check something off my new year's resolution list}.

Nathan is a power napper, what I mean is, he will take tiny short naps. 30 minutes here, 20 minutes there. Every once in awhile we can get him to nap for an hour. He doesn't have a set nap schedule yet, because of the randomness of his naps. I am hoping we can start finding a pattern and set a daily nap schedule soon.

He is still very much an attention hog. We have figured that it is mainly towards women. He will be fine sitting in his seat or on the floor by himself when my husband is watching him. But when I am home, he feels the need to want to scream until I give in and just hold him. Don't get me wrong, there are nights I have to let him scream and cry because I CAN'T hold him, so I am not spoiling him. He does this to the women at daycare too. It's just a fantastic time to be around him . . . NOT really.

Nathan does seem much happier this month. I think it's because he can sit up, see a new perspective on the world. Shelby still very much adores him, she will smother him at times, I feel bad for him, but he seems to love her in return. Loves to watch her do big girl things and smile at her. And Shelby gets excited when she makes him smile!

Overall a good month, he is teething, but no teeth in site yet. Droll galore, crankiness super high some days, but I love him and wouldn't trade it for the world. {He'll be happier next month, right?!}

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Sleeping Babies are the Best!

I posted a comment on my Facebook the other day asking everyone what song they sang to lull their babies to sleep. I really love all the comments that people shares, so I thought I would dedicate a blog post to it!

Around Christmas time when Shelby was 1 month old, I started singing my favorite holiday song Silent Night. It calmed her right away and she feel asleep quickly, I never stopped singing it throughout the year and it just became a bedtime song. When Nathan came around it was just my instinct to sing the same song, with luck, he enjoys it and it relaxes him before bed too!

What songs do you sing to lull your little one to dream land?

Here is a list of the ones I got from Facebook:
Star-Spangled Banner |  Jesus Loves Me | Away in a Manger | Chababba | You Are My Sunshine
 Twinkle Twinkle Little Star | Blackbird by the Beatles | A Bushel and a Peck
Moon River | Mr. Sandman | Amazing Grace

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Hair Bow Company: REVIEW

Chelsea from The Hair Bow Company contacted me in hopes that Shelby and I would like to review some of The Hair Bow Company products, how could I say no with the shop filled with girly girl bows, fairy wings, tutus and numerous other girly things!

Shelby was super excited when we opened the package, it was like princess galore inside that box. She favored the fairy wings and tutu skirt. Easy to say we have a girly girl on our hands. She played all day in those fairy wings! {Mommy and Daddy might have even been seen wearing them too}.

The wings didn't stop Shelby from doing some of her favorite things like putting her kids down for a nap and filling out paperwork. She even wore them for a potty break and to wash her hands without a problem! I am sure if I let her, she would have slept in them!

We also received a St. Patrick's Day bow and an Easter bow, they are adorable and great quality for such an affordable price.

Like what you see and want to order something {I don't blame you}, Chelsea is sweet enough to offer my readers a 10% OFF coupon code until March 31st. COUPON CODE: nowaqueen

I think I will head over and check out some more bows myself!

I received these products complimentary for reviewing purposes from The Hair Bow Company. All thoughts expressed are my own..

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Nathan: Four Months Old

Are we seriously here? 4 months old? And I am actually a couple weeks late, so he is currently 4.5 months old! Time is flying, I knew it would with the second, but I didn't know just HOW fast it would go. Zoom Zoom, people, I kid you not!

Nathan has done lots of growing this past month! He can roll to his side, he LOVES playing with his feet, he is so close to getting them in his mouth. According to daycare, he can roll from his stomach to his back, he has yet to show that trick to Mommy or Daddy.

Car rides are a little happier this month. I bought one of those back seat mirrors in hopes that seeing himself (or another baby) would make his screaming stop, thank goodness it worked, because I was about ready to never leave the house with him in tow.

He weights in at 14 lbs 6.2 oz. and is 25" long. Doctor said he is progressing great. Gave us the go ahead to start some solids if he was ready. I've done rice cereal with some bananas, so far so good. First 2 days he ate for about 5 minutes, by the 3rd day he was up to 10 minutes without fussing. He still prefers the bottle (clearly) but he is getting really good with his tongue and learning how to swallow solids!

He has this new yell, it isn't a cry, it is more of a scream. It makes my skin crawl. I think he does it because he isn't getting the attention he needs, as soon as you go to pick him up he will give you the biggest smile...stinker. Spoiled that baby is! Daycare says he learned that yell from other kids in his room, thanks a lot babies, NOT!

Night time sleep is touch and go. Some nights he will sleep great, then other nights not so much. We have the bedtime routine down and he is asleep by 8 every night! Just working on the middle of the night wakings. He used to sleep in, but now he will wake up for the day between 7 and 7:30. (I'm not complaining, because Shelby was an extremely early riser waking up at 6 am every morning, luckily she has out grown that stage!)

Here are his first 4 month chair pictures together! Growing so fast!

Top Left: 4 months. Top Right: 3 months.
Bottle Left: 2 months. Bottle Right: 1 month.
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