Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Write or Die Wednesday | Snowfall

yes, hold on to your pants, leggings, jeans...whatever the hell you are wearing...I am blogging two days in a row. Thanks to my good friend, Mia, who hosts Write or Die Wednesday link up, this weeks word is SNOWFALL and it motivated me to write!

 This Wednesday's prompt is the word: SNOWFALL.

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This morning I was checking the weather for the week. Looks like they are calling for snow on Saturday. This Saturday is Valentine's Day. I told my husband all I wanted to do was get dressed up real fancy and go out to dinner. I picked the restaurant that we had our first MAJOR date.

Saturday's weather forecast reminded me of said date. The morning of February 14, 2007 was a work day. It had snowed the night before, but I only lived 5 miles away from work. So I got my snow boots on, brushed the snow off my car and started to head to work. Well, for the life of me, I could not get my car over this small hill out of my neighborhood. I must have tried for 30 minutes with no luck. 

So I caved. I called Jim (a good co-worker, good friend, had one movie date, friend at the time), asked if he would be kind enough to pick me up and drive me to work (because we worked together and it was on his way). He said yes. So I walked to the main road and waited for him to pick me up. Any ordinary day, right? No, wrong. Jim had asked me to go out to dinner...for Valentine's Day. So, here we are, Valentine's Day and I need a ride from a man I am going out to eat with later. Well, I spoiled a huge surprise by not being able to drive myself to work. In the back of his car hung his suit and roses...two dozen roses.

Great, I felt terrible for spoiling that. None the less, we headed off to work. Was a regular work day at the newspaper. During our lunch break I asked Jim to take me back home so I could get my car, because I needed to be able to get back home to change before our date later. Spoiled enough as it was. He gave me the roses then when dropping me off at home. The cards where so sweet and really caught me off guard. First note said something along the lines of Happy Valentine's Day. The second note said how excited he was that we were becoming friends but that one day hoped we could be more. *heart explode*

I remember being so nervous before he picked me up for our dinner plans. I'd bought a new dress, new shoes, whole nine yards, right? He was the most perfect gentleman. Ringing the door bell, opening the car door. Remember, there was still snow on the ground. It was COLD and some of the wet roads were starting to freeze. Arrive at the restaurant and he let's me take his arm to help me walk across the parking lot. I remember almost breaking my neck slipping on a icy spot...real graceful Melanie.

Dinner went on without a problem. I could have picked better shoes, because I could barely walk in them on a non-slick floor. But great conversation, plenty of laughs, perfect gentleman helping me back to the car. Again with the nerves....see, this was our second official date. First date was a trip to the movies. I thought it went great, but the night ended without a kiss, without a hug, yeah not even a hand shake (later learned he was tired, ha!) Back to the Valentine's date...he walked me to my door and I asked if he wanted to come in, he said yes. We shared our first kiss that night.


Funny that a word like snowfall would bring back such an amazing memory. Even with it being a major (Hallmark) holiday, I rarely think of this date. Thanks WODW link up for the memories! Interested to see how our date will go this Saturday, will it snow? I can promise I will wear shoes I know how to walk in!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Life Lately: February 2015

Geeze, you don't have to tell me I have been slacking in the blog department. Last year I only created about 20 blog post total (insert shocked face). Mostly were Nathan's month chair pictures. I haven't even shared his 12 month chair pictures, I don't think I've downloaded them off my camera...A.N.D. the kid is 15 months old now (insert second shocked face).

This week I am currently fulfilling my number 7 from my new year's resolutions, signing out of Facebook for one week (personal FB account). Not going to lie, it hasn't been easy. It's fine when life is busy, but it is the downtime that is hard. Last night, during commercials while I was watching The Bachelor...killer time for FB, but not this chick! I'm holding strong, today is day 5...just keep on trucking!

Life lately for the kids have been busy...

Nathan is 15 months old...last month he got tube's put in his ears and boy has it really made a difference. Everyone is sleeping through the night and he is a much happier baby, making for much happier parents! Daycare says next month he will move into the Toddler are we already there? But he is walking, actually running, he runs almost everywhere. He isn't the most graceful boy either, he gets that honest. He has a handful of names/words: Dada, Mama, Boo-Bur (our cat), Nana (for Banana, although I try to get him to say for Jim's Mom, Nana), Boou (book) and plenty of others that sound almost nothing like the actual word, but we know what he is talking about. He can mimic some animal noses: dog is is favorite, followed by elephant, cat, fish, sheep. He is a goofy kid, ALL boy, 100%!

Shelby is my little fireball...girl cracks me up. She's 4 years old, smart as a whip. Her memory amazes me, never forgets a thing. NEVER! If you say you are going to do something with her, damn it, you better do it! She loves to dance, sing. She's Miss Independent. She's into everything trendy, Elsa, Princesses, My Little Ponies, Superheros (yes, she's into watching the old school Spiderman and His Amazing Friends on Netflix right now). She's the girliest tomboy you will ever meet. She also adores Nathan. Their blond is priceless. She watches out for him and he loves to make her laugh. And they do, laugh together. Best sound in the world!

Life seems to be zooming by and I am just here for the ride. Sometimes I feel I blink and things have changed. And then I have rare moments where life plays out in slow motion. Watching my family play and wrestle in the evenings/weekends. I cherish those moments. Because I know my babies won't be little tiny people forever.

I can't promise that I will blog more this year...truth be told, I am only doing this post because I can't sign into Facebook! But I created this blog to keep family updated. Also for my kids to have something to look back on. Memories are beautiful reminders of where we have been.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Hello 2015: Resolutions

Happy New Year! Geeze, it's been ages since I last blogged. But I ALWAYS share my resolutions, guess it's a kind of way to get them out there and hold me accountable. Although I didn't do to hot last year.

  1. Start savings account
  2. Do one home improvement project
  3. Cycle twice a month (or more)
  4. Maintain current weight loss
  5. Family trip to pumpkin patch
  6. Finish Christmas shopping BEFORE December
  7. Sign out of Facebook for one week
  8. Start portfolio for kids artwork
  9. Print photo book of Nathans first year
  10. Clean/organize Master closet
There you have it. As always, I set goals/wishes I think I can easily reach, but we will see what 2015 will bring for me. I hope everyone had a happy holiday season!

Here is Jim's 2015 Resolutions!
  1. Get back to Lose It app
  2. Do an art project
  3. Have more patience with the kids
  4. Do a house project
  5. Take kids to children's museum
  6. Build a snowman with the family
  7. Do a yard project
  8. Date night once a month
  9. Spend more time with mom on Skype
  10. Help kids to stay healthy
He has already done a house project, installed new front porch lights! Overachiever! 

We also started adding Shelby to our tradition last year, so here are hers:
  1. Eat at Fire place (Kobe) for dinner
  2. Paint pottery
  3. Trip to mall
  4. Pumpkin Patch
  5. Buy new Shopkins
  6. Strawberry Picking
  7. Play outside
  8. Go to bounce house
  9. Start doing Shelby chores
  10. Read more books
I love the simplicity of a child's wishes! I always try my hardest to make sure she gets to do all her resolutions (probably more than I try to do my own). Happy New Year!
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