Thursday, January 17, 2013

the story of how my husband and I met

The story about how my husband {Jim} and I met is a great one, so sit back and enjoy!


I met Jim on my first day of work. My first job out of college August, 2006. I was excited for my new job, of course who wouldn't be? Like every other new job I spent most of my first couple weeks training with co-workers. I was starting to get to know everyone but still very shy and quiet. One day I was training and I over heard Jim talking to another co-worker about flip flops. I could tell in Jim's tone that he wasn't a fan. Actually calling flip flops TPT (trailer park trash). So I turned and said "I wear flip flops", Jim continued by saying "Ehh" and shrugging his shoulders. "Did he just do that" I thought to myself . . . yes, he totally just called me trailer park trash. Welcome to your new job, right? ha.

I was actually dating someone else at the time of my new job. Months went by, and I had no clue that Jim had a huge crush on me. Apparently my co-workers all knew. Thanks alot "new friends" for telling me! Anyways, ended up becoming a single lady and it didn't take Jim long to ask for the first date. We went to the movies. Great movie, actually can't even remember the name of it, ha, but I remember it being good and I remember having a fun time. He walked me to my door and I was nervous for maybe a hug or a first kiss. But to my surprise he said goodbye and carried on his way home. "okay, that was strange" I thought to myself. Turns out, he was tired that night!

Next date he asked me out for a Valentine's dinner. Big time date, if you ask me. It had snowed the night before that February 14th and my car had the hardest time making it up this tiny hill in my neighborhood. Who do I call, but my new found friend/co-worker Jim. "Can you pick me up and bring me to work?" "Sure". Little did I know that he had a whole romantic set up in his car (for later that night). I saw his suit hanging and the roses he planned to give me. "Way to go on spoiling that surprise, Melanie!" I thought.

The Valentine's dinner was great! We went to Brock's which is a very special, expensive place in town. Conversation was wonderful. Jim was a very funny guy. And even though there was an 11 year difference in our age, I felt we had a lot in common.

Next big event was his uncles wedding (renewing of the vows). Jim invited me to be his date. "So, meet the parents, the family?" Yeah, we had only been dating for about a month at this time. I can't remember how we became girlfriend/boyfriend, but I know we were dating at this time! So we headed off to P-A, Jim's parents had no idea who this "Mel" person was coming with their son. They tried to figure out if I was a male or female friend coming with him but he didn't fall for their tricks!

Jim's uncles wedding was beautiful and his parents were wonderful. The family was amazing. How did I manage to catch this guy? Why didn't someone else scope him up? Needless to say it was a no brainier to keep him around. He got along great with my parents!

A year went by and my college friends where all getting married! I LOVE weddings and all my friends got to meet Jim, didn't take much to fall in love with him. He has a great personality and gets along well with everyone!

October 2009 we went on our yearly renaissance festival trip with some friends. Jim had planned to do the old time photos and I was looking forward to it! We searched and searched and finally asked the help desk and they said it wasn't there that year. Jim was so upset! Never seen him so upset, I was thinking "It is okay, maybe another year" So we ended up doing the plaster hands! Very fun! The day was coming to an end and we did one last lap around the fair and we came across this "Love Bridge". Jim said "OH, a love bridge!" and I said "yeah, I'm not going on that" so he asked the other couples if they wanted to go and they declined. Then Jim said "well, I'm going on the love bridge" So I said "ok, ok, we will go on the love bridge". Got in there, paused for our pictures then Jim pulled out a ring and said "Will you be my Queen" and I said "That's it?". Jim continued to get on his knee and asked "Will you be my Queen . . . " and something else which I, to this day, can't remember because I was so darn excited" and I said "YES!!"


Hope you made it through the whole story! After I became his "queen" wife on October 24, 2009 is when I came up with my blog name!

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